Friday, 21 November 2008

What's a Jersey JK?

These are very special immigrants that have so much skill, knowledge & expertise that it would be impossible to ever train an Islander to do their work.

They walk into a job paying at least £50,000 a year, they get a house worth say £500,000 & all the other benefits that top Jersey jobs offer including a special tax deal, not to mention a lifestyle & social circle that they previouly had only dreamed of.

As these people are also initially on 6 months probation it is very easy to keep them in control until they are assimilated into the Jersey Way. Very few people would want to risk losing a JK lifestyle by rocking the boat.

600 more of these JK's arrive each year, plus their families, which of course is the other main reason houses in Jersey are too expensive for Islanders to buy.

It is felt that this number of guaranteed status quo voters will also offset any problems from the large numbers of immigrants brought into Jersey as cheap labour from Africa, Far East, Eastern Europe & of course, the increasing numbers of LOCAL DISSIDENTS!

Amongst the civil servants, finance houses, KK's & other elitist groups in Jersey how many JK's a year you can bring in is actually a matter of prestige!

It is clear, the reasons are not only the prestige of bringing in top people from all over the world, but also saving a huge amount of time & money in not training any locals.

A JK is also allowed to buy any number of £250,000+ properties regardless of so called qualies.

Make no mistake Jersey, whether you are a low paid local or a low paid immigrant, JK's are not here for your health & if you don't already own a home you never will!