Friday, 14 November 2008

Jersey Know Your Enemies

Kk's who own much of the land & business, pay no tax & pay you minimum wages.

Politicians who lie to you so they & other millionaires can live in luxury. While you worry about the price of food they don't even have to pay tax on fuel for their luxury yachts .

Jk's who get your jobs, take the best houses & force the prices up so you can only afford to rent.

Offshore companies worth billions, you pay GST directly into the pockets of millionaires worldwide.

Property developers & estate agents who are given states houses then make obscene profits selling them to the few who have enough money to buy.

Local media which everyday attempt to manipulate you with the spin & doctrines of greed.

Highly paid civil servants who conceal & trick in order to protect themselves & discredit all who oppose them.

Make no mistake, none of the above give a toss how much you suffer as long as you keep paying their salaries & taxes.