Saturday, 29 November 2008

Farmers Build KK Houses

In a new & extremely unwelcome trend in Jersey Politics farmers can now get planning approval for green belt land to build houses that are so expensive that only millionaires can buy them.

These millionaires then come to Jersey & pay NO TAX!

In an extraordinary twist of the truth certain Jersey politicians maintain that millionaires shouldn't pay tax because they move into old manor houses that would otherwise fall into disrepair.

Now farmers can make millions building houses for millionaires until there's no farmland left!

The farmer can do this as often as he likes as long as he puts the profit back into the rural ecomomy. The rural economy meaning building more houses for millionaires.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Sun, Sea & Satan - Jersey's Shame

So from the film about Child abuse in Jersey we see this "Ornament" in a garden less than one mile from Haut de la Garenne.
It has been dressed in a girl's school beret & appears to be engaged in felatio.

I hope I'm wrong, it's obscene, disgusting, perverted.

Where is this place?

It's bloody paedophilia!

Whoever did this should be named & shamed!

So come on Jersey what are you playing at?

What happened to the investigation?

These perps have escaped justice for long enough.

This is just laughing in the face of the victims of abuse, laughing at the law & laughing at you!

Unless you support this behaviour on your island, get off your asses.


Friday, 21 November 2008

What's a Jersey JK?

These are very special immigrants that have so much skill, knowledge & expertise that it would be impossible to ever train an Islander to do their work.

They walk into a job paying at least £50,000 a year, they get a house worth say £500,000 & all the other benefits that top Jersey jobs offer including a special tax deal, not to mention a lifestyle & social circle that they previouly had only dreamed of.

As these people are also initially on 6 months probation it is very easy to keep them in control until they are assimilated into the Jersey Way. Very few people would want to risk losing a JK lifestyle by rocking the boat.

600 more of these JK's arrive each year, plus their families, which of course is the other main reason houses in Jersey are too expensive for Islanders to buy.

It is felt that this number of guaranteed status quo voters will also offset any problems from the large numbers of immigrants brought into Jersey as cheap labour from Africa, Far East, Eastern Europe & of course, the increasing numbers of LOCAL DISSIDENTS!

Amongst the civil servants, finance houses, KK's & other elitist groups in Jersey how many JK's a year you can bring in is actually a matter of prestige!

It is clear, the reasons are not only the prestige of bringing in top people from all over the world, but also saving a huge amount of time & money in not training any locals.

A JK is also allowed to buy any number of £250,000+ properties regardless of so called qualies.

Make no mistake Jersey, whether you are a low paid local or a low paid immigrant, JK's are not here for your health & if you don't already own a home you never will!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Rule of Lawless in Jersey

The trouble is when a government seeks to use the law to hide crimes then law & justice are lost.

The Government & Media of Jersey have used the law to prevent peoples evidence from being heard & to hide the truth from the public, saying that by putting this evidence in the public domain will harm prosecutions.

The people of Jersey now know that whether or not the evidence is heard before a trial, in a paper, on the radio or on a blog it will make no difference.

The chances are that there will be no charge & if there is the case will be dropped through lack of evidence or if the case comes to court the reliability of witnesses will be questioned & the trial will be abandoned.

The only justice that seems to be left to the people of Jersey is to put all the evidence in the public domain so that the perpetrators of crimes against children can be named & taken away from positions where they can further harm children or in any way influence what is left of the rule of law in Jersey.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

What's a Jersey KK?

They like to use various impressive terms to make themselves sound important.

How about 1(1)K or HNWI? The latter meaning High Net Worth Individual which gives an impression of value more than mere money. 1(1)K means nothing except someone who can buy an expensive property & will be a valuable addition to Jersey's growing SE (social elite) community & hangers-on.

The official government line is these people pay a lot of tax, provide lots of jobs & Jersey would sink below the waves without them.

In reality they pay NO TAX, bring their own people with them & Jersey would be a lot better off without them.

The main damage they do is help to hugely inflate the value of ALL property in Jersey to such an extent that now a small 3 bedroom house costs £500,000.

Taxwise they ALWAYS come to a special arrangement with the treasury & pay NO TAX with the official government explanation that it would be IMMORAL for them to pay because they bring so much value to the island in entrepreneurial skills, industry & employment.

Absolute rubbish, this pathetic excuse that these millionaires are all fine philanthropists is as sad as the politicians who make it.

In reality a KK may employ a few locals for minimum wages but they mainly have their own JK's & are really here to EVADE PAYING any TAX anywhere!

As a sideline a very popular activity for KK's is high value property development, especially on Green or Environmentally Sensitive land.

Make no mistake Jersey, whether you are a low paid local or a low paid immigrant, KK's are not here for your health & if you don't already own a home you never will!

Friday, 14 November 2008

Jersey Know Your Enemies

Kk's who own much of the land & business, pay no tax & pay you minimum wages.

Politicians who lie to you so they & other millionaires can live in luxury. While you worry about the price of food they don't even have to pay tax on fuel for their luxury yachts .

Jk's who get your jobs, take the best houses & force the prices up so you can only afford to rent.

Offshore companies worth billions, you pay GST directly into the pockets of millionaires worldwide.

Property developers & estate agents who are given states houses then make obscene profits selling them to the few who have enough money to buy.

Local media which everyday attempt to manipulate you with the spin & doctrines of greed.

Highly paid civil servants who conceal & trick in order to protect themselves & discredit all who oppose them.

Make no mistake, none of the above give a toss how much you suffer as long as you keep paying their salaries & taxes.