Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Rule of Lawless in Jersey

The trouble is when a government seeks to use the law to hide crimes then law & justice are lost.

The Government & Media of Jersey have used the law to prevent peoples evidence from being heard & to hide the truth from the public, saying that by putting this evidence in the public domain will harm prosecutions.

The people of Jersey now know that whether or not the evidence is heard before a trial, in a paper, on the radio or on a blog it will make no difference.

The chances are that there will be no charge & if there is the case will be dropped through lack of evidence or if the case comes to court the reliability of witnesses will be questioned & the trial will be abandoned.

The only justice that seems to be left to the people of Jersey is to put all the evidence in the public domain so that the perpetrators of crimes against children can be named & taken away from positions where they can further harm children or in any way influence what is left of the rule of law in Jersey.