Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Day of reckoning

Today's the day that the Jersey States Assembly will meet to discuss the implications of the arrest & detention of Senator Stuart Syvret, the illegal search of his home & the theft of items & information relating to his work as a polititian, including correspondence with friends & constituents.
They won't do anything because Jersey's problem is so simple.
Jersey is crawling with millionaires (11K's ) who are deeply involved in everthing that happens.
They pay virtually no tax & all of their money is hidden from prying outside eyes.
This is the way they want to keep things & as some of them are also elected members of the Assembly nothing will be done to challenge the power of the police to harrass, victimise & bully all those who they perceive to be agitators & activists.
Good luck to the Syvret Seven in their attempt to uphold the rule of law in Jersey today.

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Anonymous said...

Well another nail in the coffin for Jersey. The Dictatorship decided before the debate it would not go ahead, congratulations to those 20 delegates who voted to allow it to continue.

Yet another Sad Day for the good people of Jersey whose Government continues to Shaft them Internationally,

One day the UK Government may see sense and send in the troops. lol