Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Silent Enim Leges Inter Arma

I'm quoting Cicero not because I'm a smartass but because the phrase; "Laws fall silent in times of war" so well describes Jersey in 2008. It has been just as if martial law or a state of emergency were imposed.

The media has been spouting interminable propaganda, they & the police mobilised to crush the enemy within, labelled political activists & vile bloggers.

Yes, in Jersey under new powers you can be arrested for being an activist or a blogger or actually pretty much anything the States of Jersey don't like!

These new powers are of the make it up as you go along, after all we're in charge here, variety.

This means anyone could equally well be guilty of serious crimes but go unpunished because they are considered to be on the right side & making all the right noises.

There is a real war the States of Jersey is fighting & that is against pretty much the rest of the world, especially developing countries who are the hardest hit by tax havens & their vehicles.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

PPC - Political Police Control

Another unwelcome trend in politics has been the planned, step by step removal of all obstacles to total control of the States of Jersey Police by the States of Jersey Council of Ministers.

The problem with an ongoing child abuse inquiry is that it has been highly embarrassing to the Jersey government who are keen to maintain their tax haven & tax evasion refuge reputation.

To this end they set about getting their man, a retired magistrate & top civil servant, into the post of Home Affairs Minister. His stated intention was to get the police under political control.

It was announced even before he was elected that he would be the new Home Affairs Minister.

He is now installed & fully operational.

Another major obstacle was the Chief of Police who did not agree with the minister in waiting's views at all. No problem, he's now been suspended over so called irregularites & disgraced by local press insinuations. Nothing has been or will be proven as it's all been done in secret.

Recent police press releases refect the change in the police thinking & have now moved into the political realms of propaganda:

Unexplained death of a Jersey facebook campaigner (save Jersey builders);

‘We would like to reassure the public that this death is being investigated thoroughly by a highly trained team of detectives.’

The only Jersey newspaper showed its true colours by mentioning a past minor conviction as if this is some sort of justification for this tragic death.

Final witness appeal for anyone with information about the historical abuse enquiry;

‘As you can see, we are working in partnership with the Jersey Care Leavers, who will speak to you shortly. They support this appeal for people to come forward. We are in regular contact with this group, who offer support for anyone who has been in care in Jersey.'

The day before;

'The Force has a dedicated public protection unit who specialise in dealing with all cases of alleged abuse against children in Jersey, whether that alleged abuse is historic or contemporary. The protection of children and vulnerable people remains one of the policing priorities of the States of Jersey Police.'

Jersey is famous for its public apathy, demonstrations are rare & always peaceful.

However, a stun gun which releases a 50,000-volt electric charge is to be used by police officers in Jersey next year.