Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Silent Enim Leges Inter Arma

I'm quoting Cicero not because I'm a smartass but because the phrase; "Laws fall silent in times of war" so well describes Jersey in 2008. It has been just as if martial law or a state of emergency were imposed.

The media has been spouting interminable propaganda, they & the police mobilised to crush the enemy within, labelled political activists & vile bloggers.

Yes, in Jersey under new powers you can be arrested for being an activist or a blogger or actually pretty much anything the States of Jersey don't like!

These new powers are of the make it up as you go along, after all we're in charge here, variety.

This means anyone could equally well be guilty of serious crimes but go unpunished because they are considered to be on the right side & making all the right noises.

There is a real war the States of Jersey is fighting & that is against pretty much the rest of the world, especially developing countries who are the hardest hit by tax havens & their vehicles.